About Us

freestander exists to provide economical options to those seeking to improve their workspace with a standing desk.  Our products are made by hand, customized for our users, and built in the USA.

We built our first desk in 2013 using scrap materials in the garage.  After writing it up on a blog, we soon found that article to be one of our consistent 10 ten pages.  Further, more people were coming to the blog after searching for standing desk than for most of the technical articles. 

In early 2015, we sold that original desk to a reader from the blog, who evangelized our product to his coworkers.  They loved the simplicity and economy of our design, and a price point less than half of other options on the market.  From there forward, we knew we could offer a quality product, and set out to formally launch freestander as an online business.

Today we are passionately designing and building economical office furniture and accessories, teaching our kids about construction and customer service, and loving every minute.  Thanks to all our customers for their support and referrals.