Hand made Standing Desks

At freestander, we make economical DIY style standing desks for office workers, programmers, and all the rest of us that work at a computer on a daily basis.  

freestander desks are made from furniture-grade Maple plywood and hardwoods.  Since they are made by hand, we can customize each desk to specific sizes, finishes, or features.

If you have searched for a standing desk, but only found models costing hundreds of dollars, we hope you'll consider a freestander as a cost-effective and functional alternative.  


freestander Basic

freestander Basic

The original handmade freestander Adjustable Standing Desk.  This 30-inch wide platform is perf..


freestander Build it Yourself Blueprint

freestander Build it Yourself Blueprint

Do you like the freestander, but would rather build it yourself?  As makers, we understand, and..


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